What We Do

What We Do

At GCR Building Solutions, LLC we strive to build lasting relationships. Our goal is to affect your quality of life by partnering you to build and/or maintain your homes. We are proud and deeply touched that 85-90 percent of our clients are repeat clients, some for as long as 20 years. Some might have changed homes over the year, but maintained the partnership with us for all construction and home related questions.

Our goal is to listen to your concerns, assess the project and questions at hand, educate you on potential solutions and advise on best practice. Once a project is started our goal is to execute our work using best practice with the highest level of skill, all while being mindful of budget and time restrictions. We always attempt to minimize the interruption in your everyday life.

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Why hire a contractor?


Often renovations take us by surprise, we did not plan on major repairs/renovations but some incident provoked it. When time is of the essence, we assist you with knowledeable advise on how to update your house and recreate your home with as little interruption as possible.

New Construction

Efficiently managing a project helps you understand the feasability of your project and helps us deliver timely solutions.

We encourage you to have a team of professionals assisting you when starting this kind of endeavor. We work closely with architects and draftsmen. As licensed contractors it is our responsibility to translate your dream and your plans into reality.

We can help you choose the right lot or design the best house for a lot you already own.

We will consult on building options which stay within your budget and timelines.

James has managed the construction from ground up for hundreds of homes in the Tucson area over the last 2 decades. He can easily manage your project from the beginning to end.

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Building Forensics / Diagnostics

For our forensics works we rely on some of the latest diagnostics tools in the building industry as well as James professional skill and experience of 20+ years in the construction industry.

We actually enjoy research. All too often it is assumed when if we see structural changes that we are looking at the root cause. In reality, the root cause could be anywhere. It takes in depth understanding of the structure of a home, and the dynamics of a house aging to truly understand the intricacies of change and where potentially the failure could be situated. We do not wear white lab coats – but we are still performing procedures to look inside the building structures, take biopsies all the while trying to remain minimally invasive!

Once diagnosed, we want you to understand the building failures. The hard truth is that by the time a homeowner notices a damage in the building, structural or mechanical changes have already taken place. We will help you find out what happened, and why.

Before any work begins, we provide cause and effect reports detailing the scope of the work involved. After we are done, we provide the same reports, so you can easily see how we have updated your home.

We help you maintain a happy and healthy home. Knowing what is happening and why will help you make knowledgeable decisions in the future, scheduling and budgeting appropriate maintenance tasks efficiently.

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Partnerships and HOA Management

We work with property management companies and condo associations to manage our client’s major repairs and maintenance. We also work with clients, property management companes, and condo associations to assess the current state of their buildings. We help analyze things like:

  • Assessing the current state of buildings, such as when it’s time to update roofing
  • Educating clients and condo board members to assess damages for things like water leaks
  • Clarifying who is responsible for addressing damages
  • Settling disputes surrouding financial responsibility